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Based on "Re-animator" and more novels and short stories 

Yes, Erotic Lovecraft with sexy witches, demons, and more....

_some plotting plus dialog / narration / characterizations built upon from client outline

Based On Novels

Novel adaptation to gaming based on:

• The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

The Silver Key 

Through the Gates of the Silver Key 

The Thing on the Doorstep 

Herbert West-Reanimator 

A Game Information Notice

        Eliza Tillinghast’s engagement to young Ezra Weeden, second mate of the Crawford packet Enterprise, was dutifully broken off, and that her union with Joseph Curwen took place on the seventh of March, 1763, in the Baptist church, in the presence of one of the most distinguished assemblages which the town could boast; the ceremony being performed by the younger Samuel Winsor.

        The Gazette mentioned the event very briefly, and in most surviving copies the item in question seems to be cut or torn out. Ward found a single intact copy after much search in the archives of a private collector of note, observing with amusement the meaningless urbanity of the language:

        “Monday evening last, Mr. Joseph Curwen, of this Town, Merchant, was married to Miss Eliza Tillinghast, Daughter of Capt. Dutee Tillinghast, a young Lady who has real Merit, added to a beautiful Person, to grace the connubial State and perpetuate its Felicity.”

        The collection of Durfee-Arnold letters, discovered by Charles Ward shortly before his first reputed madness in the private collection of Melville F. Peters, Esq., of George St., and covering this and a somewhat antecedent period, throws vivid light on the outrage done to public sentiment by this ill-assorted match.

        Only one person remained in open enmity with him, this being the youthful ship’s officer whose engagement to Eliza Tillinghast had been so abruptly broken. Ezra Weeden had frankly vowed vengeance; and though of a quiet and ordinarily mild disposition, was now gaining a hate-bred, dogged purpose which boded no good to the usurping husband.

        On the seventh of May, 1765, Curwen’s only child Ann was born; and was christened by the Rev. John Graves of King’s Church, of which both husband and wife had become communicants shortly after their marriage, in order to compromise between their respective Congregational and Baptist affiliations.

        The record of this birth, as well as that of the marriage two years before, was stricken from most copies of the church and town annals where it ought to appear; and Charles Ward located both with the greatest difficulty after his discovery of the widow’s change of name had apprised him of his own relationship, and engendered the feverish interest which culminated in his madness.

        The birth entry, indeed, was found very curiously through correspondence with the heirs of the loyalist Dr. Graves, who had taken with him a duplicate set of records when he left his pastorate at the outbreak of the Revolution. Ward had tried this source because he knew that his great-great-grandmother Ann Tillinghast Potter had been an Episcopalian.

        Shortly after the birth of his daughter, an event he seemed to welcome with a fervor greatly out of keeping with his usual coldness, Curwen resolved to sit for a portrait. This he had painted by a very gifted Scotsman named Cosmo Alexander, then a resident of Newport, and since famous as the early teacher of Gilbert Stuart. The likeness was said to have been executed on a wall-panel of the library of the house in Olney Court, but neither of the two old diaries mentioning it gave any hint of its ultimate disposition.

        At this period the erratic scholar shewed signs of unusual abstraction, and spent as much time as he possibly could at his farm on the Pawtuxet Road.

        He seemed, it was stated, in a condition of suppressed excitement or suspense; as if expecting some phenomenal thing or on the brink of some strange discovery. Chemistry or alchemy would appear to have played a great part, for he took from his house to the farm the greater number of his volumes on that subject.


Quest Instructions

        ‣ One of her students (Simon Orne) is stalking her. Simon appears in University, so player can interact with him. Ways to get rid of Orne:

        - Talk to Herbert West, ask his help (good relations). Herbert needs some new organs for his next project so he agrees. Talk to Simon, offer to dig at old Curwen’s farm for search of his old collection of Saltes. Hit him with shovel from behind. Herbert comes and helps you to carry body to his house. If mind control manuscript was researched from the diary - player searches the body and gets one (the only way to get this manuscript, this item is some kind of bonus). Later HW says it was very interesting Material, but most Parts he has to destroy in the acid, as they were too Lively.

        - Kick his ass. He becomes angry. Next night player feels like he can’t control himself any more, he goes to Library where Simon fucks Dr. Armitage and makes player watch it. Next day he disappears, Elizabeth’s relation is seriously down.

        - Blackmail him if you have seen him at cemetery. You can’t prove anything, but he lives for 250 years and became very cautious, so he disappears.

        ‣ She thinks someone tries to enter library’s special storage to steal Necronomicon and asks you to watch that night. It’s Asenath! She tries to seduce you, you can fuck her and let her take the book. Or just let her go.

Or you can catch her and call police. She is arrested and not dangerous any more, shop is closed. If you already took this book - this quest is not available.

        • Obtain Silver Key to get ability to enter world of dreams (to search for erotic ones).

        Quest: decode this chapter in diary, it says the Key is a powerful item to control dreams, it located in the old crypt of Edmund Carter at Arkham’s cemetery.

        Player should lock pick (mini game?) the door to the crypt, then lock pick the box. You can use Key for dreams. Decode parchment to use key to open the Gates (Philosopher ending).

        You can’t decode it by yourself, it’s written on 3 different languages, so you need help of all 3 women and high relations with all of them.

        ‣ Dr. Armitage can translate part in Latin about the sacred place and where it can be used and ritual details

        ‣ Hannah can translate part of R’lyeh’s runes about the Ultimate Gates

        ‣ Asenath can translate part written in Arabic about the First Gates (a fragment from Necronomicon)


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