-a dating sim

(work in progress / unpublished)

        A struggling author meets a sweet girl, a wild girl, and a tough guy husband.

        What could go very right or very wrong in the game of love, lust, and making a living?

_dialog / narration / characterizations built upon from client outline

MEET Angelica


P ANG smiles to the COTS

P ANG looks at COTS - she isn't satisfied



 ABR visits the office building for the first time and he needs to meet his publisher. ANG guides him.

 After clicking on Angelica

P ANG stands behind the reception counter smiling

        ANG: Good afternoon, how may I help you?

        ABR: I'm Abramo Tutti. I have an appointment with Stephen More at “Black letters” publishing house's new offices.

        ANG: All right, Mr. Tutti, just let me check his schedule. Oh. Here it is. Yes, your meeting is on the twenty-third floor and ... you're already five minutes late.

        ABR: I know. Sorry. All these towers are confusing, I wasn't able to find your building, without stopping twice and asking for help. I don't come downtown too often.

        ANG: Don't look so worried. I work on Stephen's desk a lot, he nearly always runs late; so you have a good chance to beat him to his office. Here's your guest pass and take that bank of elevators over there. I'll call ahead to let his assistant know you're on your way up, Mr. Tutti.

        ABR: Thanks. What is your name, good lady?

        ANG: "Good lady"? Well, good sir, my name is Angelica. Don't be nervous, you'll do fine, Mr. Tutti.

        ABR: Thanks for all your kind help, Angelica. I need all the prayer and well wishes I can get.

P ANG has her hands on the counter and smiles to the COTS (CENTER OF THE SCREEN)

        NARRATOR: I'd entered the forbidding office tower feeling harried and afraid I was about to lose everything. If I'm not a published writer, then I'm an unemployed writer. But, now I truly feel more confident and less like I'm dragging a burden. Maybe there really is a God, or whoever who sent the kind angel, Angelica to bless my day. Well, everyone's day, she's not just here for me. Or is she?

        NARRATOR: Hm, good story point. Whatever, if this publishing goes bust, maybe I'll try for a regular day job in this building so I can see and speak with Angelica every day.

        NARRATOR: There's Stephen's office suite. Focus, fool! You ... are a ... successful, confident writer ... PUBLISHED writer of great skill. You've got this, just like Angelica said.

 30 minutes later

P ABR standing in the office lobby

        NARRATOR: I am flying high, I am ecstatic! All my worries of failure gone, for now. Stephen liked my plea, um, proposal for more time to complete a quality product. I'll not waste this opportunity. He really liked the few pages of the changes I'd just made in the story. I now have a second chance, I can breathe again. Okay, I have an additional twenty days to complete and deliver this book manuscript. Well, damn, I'm feeling pretty damn great, now.

        NARRATOR: Time and the mind are hard bitches because by the time I'd descended back to the ground floor, so had my spirits. My mind's logic was already starting to attack my confidence and worry at it like a vicious dog; wondering if my new deadline was enough time to finish everything, after all, since my slow progress editing and rewriting....

        NARRATOR: Well, except for that last minute change I showed Stephen, there hadn't been any progress at all. I need to find some way to renew my inspiration and re-ignite the creative spark inside me, again, before the waning belief that I can complete this completely smothers and dies.

        NARRATOR: But what could ignite such a flame in me and keep it burning, for twenty days?

P ANG has her hands on the counter and smiles to the COTS (CENTER OF THE SCREEN)

        ANG: So, Mr. Tutti, how'd it go?

        ABR: You were right, Angelica, Stephen WAS late and it gave me a little more time to practice my spiel and get situated enough to plead my case. It went perfect, in fact! Your blessing paid off, Angelica, I'm getting a second chance to finish my book! Instead of asking you where your Human Resources Department is.

        ANG :YOUR book? I'd wondered if you were an editor, but with the kind of nerves you came in with, I'd say you're an author. Right?

        ABR: Yes, I am.

        ANG: Fiction or nonfiction?

        A1: Answer her directly: "Fiction. Romantic novels."

        A2: Smile and say: "Call me Abramo."

From this moment only shorter version of the brief


        ANG: Really? That's nice. I love romantic novels. They put me in a good mood.

        ABR: Working for a publisher, do you read a lot?

        ANG: I do, always have; but I…. This is going to sound so girly, Abramo; but, I kinda always seem to wish the best parts of the best romantic stories would … invigorate my life, like it does the heroine's. But it never happens.

        ABR: Yet. It's only because you haven't met the right romantic guy, or girl, yet.

        ANG: Hm, you might be right. And my preference is a romantic GUY, please. *laughs*


        ANG: Abramo's a very nice name. From Abraham, I bet.

        ABR: You bet right. My mom has a strange crush on Lincoln, and my dad loves all things Italian. I write romantic novels.

        ANG: I like your parents! And goody, I like reading good romantic stories. What's your new story about?

        ABR: Um, I don't want to sound like a book tease; but, I have too much to do yet, whenever I reveal too much about an unfinished story to strangers, it falls flat for me. *chuckle* Maybe … Maybe when I know you better…?

        ANG: What? Get to know me better? Oh. That sounds … intriguing. And a little … cunning, Abramo.


Growing Intimacy

Touch her hand and look into her eyes

P ABR puts hand on her hand on the counter - she flirty smiles at him

Random comment 1:

        ANG: Are you looking "longingly into" my eyes? What do you feel and see there, new acquaintance? A long-term friend? Or a passing…?

        ABR: I don't think it's that simple. When I was coming back down, I PRAYED for inspiration to inspire my writing. Then I saw you and something felt so right. Friends or more.... I gaze into your eyes and feel something fresh and new; AND I imagine romantic tales I long to live with you. Then, yes, stories built on such amazing material as us together, or apart, will make readers weep and cry and cheer. That's mushy, I know, but real.

Random comment 2:

        ANG: I work in this big, crowded downtown every day, where so much of everything gets thrown at me behind my shields.... But, the way I feel, now, with you ... puts cracks in my armor and makes me ... blush. I am not a blusher. *giggles* Well, maybe I am now.

Kiss her hand

P ABR kisses her hand while she is still behind the counter

Random comment 1:

        ANG: "He gazed a long while into her eyes"? And what did hero Abramo find in fair Angelica's eyes?

        ABR: A longing for her own bit of sexy romantic adventures…?

Random comment 2:

        ANG: If you're trying to see if I'm wearing contacts….

        ABR: Contacts don't make eyes gleam with such brilliance and life. That's inner fire I see.

Actions selected when the REL is to LOW

P ANG looks at COTS - she isn't satisfied

Random comment 1:

        ANG: I don't like being slobbered on, so stop that.

Random comment 2:

        ANG: There are cameras, everywhere! Are you trying to get me written up? Embarrassing me, in pub–…? Stop it.


Give her a gift:

 Romantic novel

        ANG: I've heard great things about this one. I can't wait to read it! Thank you, so much.

 Plush dinosaur

        ANG: Oh, she's so cute! And squishy soft. I love her already.

 Bottle of wine

        ANG: Thank you, but I don't know much about wine. It's a thing you kind of have to share, too, or you're just a wino. I hope it's sweet.

 Concert tickets

        ABR: Wow, expensive, great seats; but…. I can't. It's weird, I know; but I'm not comfortable sitting in heavily crowded places. Someone yells "Fire!" or "Gun!" during a stage trick and…. Stampedes still happen.


MEET Jessica


P JES stands next to the sex shop's dildos looking at her mobile

        JES: Rosh, you can't be serious! We planned … I planned this for months!

        NARRATOR: Is it a subliminal suggestion from the dildos or is that half naked beauty fluffing my junk by just standing there? *sighs* You won't get her, 'bramo; but, don't be shy for once, be brave and talk to her, at least. Just make her feel better. A man can do much worse each day than making a girl feel good.

        ABR: If I may say so, someone so attractive shouldn't let whomever that is darken your day with disappointment.

L JES looking at the player with a friendly smile

        JES: "Whomever"? Such perfect grammar. Are you a professor?

        ABR: No. I'd be a horrible teacher. I'm … an author. A romantic novelist. Or … I'm trying to be.

        NARRATOR: Damn it. "Trying to be"? I should've kept my doubts to myself. Hot, pretty girls, like her, are out of your reach; especially since they all still turn you into nervous, uncool jelly, dude. Don't even worry, 'bramo, as always, the choice is the woman's, and she won't choose you. But thanks for playing, bye-bye.

L JES standing and looking at the player and smiles flirty

        JES: Hmm. So, you're an expert on libidinal romance, that might have…. Hmmmm.

L JES standing and looking at the player not satisfied

JES: Huh, that's the strangest line I've ever gotten, creative but … unimpressive.

Say she is super hot

L JES sensually sucks her finger

Random comment 1:

        ABR: I know this is going to sound completely rude boy; but, wow, you are so super hot! A woman like you shouldn't be left alone to shop for fake cocks when hot, live cocks would serve you better.

        NARRATOR: I can't believe I blurted that out loud! And, she likes it!

        JES: Thanks. I like a rude boy, when they are so deliciously handsome and sweet, like you with all that dark hair and long lashes.

Random comment 2:

        ABR: I'm going to tell you something NO ONE as EVER told you before. *clears throat* You are super hot, woman. You blow my brain right out of my head, and make my … other head have improper "thoughts".

        JES: *guffaws* You're so stupid! But I like it, it's sexy on you.


Put your hand on her shoulder

L ABR stands next to JES and puts his hand on her shoulder - she smiles to him

Random comment 1:

        ABR: If you like me, I can be sweet, or rude, whichever you want. Or a bit of both. I'm Abramo; but just tell me no, if you don't like my touch, or leave it alone and I'll know you want more, and that, well, is cool with me. Hm, you're not brushing me off. "I think we have go, Houston."

        JES: You're funny … and fine, in so many ways. See anything you want in here?

        NARRATOR: Just you. Don't blow this. Her eyes, her body language, every word out of her mouth says she wants you, 'bramo. Shut up and show don't tell her how much you want her.

Random comment 2:

        ABR: You do know I'm working with only a partial brain, because I like how you feel; but, I'm a guy and already starting to work with only a diminished capacity, 'cause my brain's blood is seriously detouring south. If you don't want—.

        JES: I want. I want you. What's your name, romantic author? I'm Jessica.

        ABR: A-Abramo.

        NARRATOR: I wasn't kidding about my brain. You guys know I'm not. Some girls just do that to you, without even trying. Jessica was a girl who didn't have to try; and she was a girl who'd probably shot down thousands of guys. I just might be able to land my ship, open the door and step out for touch down. Don't blow it stupid, give her romantic desire not just lust; any one can blurt that coarse shit out.


Intrigue Her


 Say she is intriguing

P JES smiles at him and holds her legs sexy crossed

 Random comment 1:

        JES: You're staring, Abramo.

        ABR: Can't be helped. It's your own fault. You are so intriguing to me, I can't pull my eyes away from you, in case I might miss something fascinating.

        NARRATOR: I can't help tell her the truth.

 Random comment 2:

        JES: I'm "intriguing"? You don't know the half of it.

        ABR: I want to though. I want to know everything about you; what you want, what you need, you desires. Goals. All of it.

        JES: They do say "watch what you ask for".

         Take a sip from her drink

P ABR is drinking from her glass while she is holding it too and smiling

 Random comment 1:

        JES: You want a sip?

        ABR: No, I want a mouthful of yours.

        JES: I'd like that.

        NARRATOR: I am officially "smooth"! No precelebrating! You could still fuck this up.

 Random comment 2

        ABR: May I have a taste?

        JES: You can have a long taste of whatever I have.

        ABR: *coughing*

        NARRATOR: Okay, choking, So cool and sexy, that's me.

 Ask what she thinks about him

P JES bends one knee, that foot on her chair while gazing up at ABR

 Random comment 1:

        ABR: I'm … I'm curious. And, please, be truthful of your feelings. What do you think of me, Jessica?

        JES: That I want you; but we still have to see if we're REALLY compatible. Like before in the store; talk is okay, but touching can be more truthful, and revealing.

        ABR: We're in agreement.

        NARRATOR: Goodbye, Houston. Give it a go, 'bramo, prove a writing geek can be a "Latin lover."

 Random comment 2:

        JES: What do you want me to think of you?

        ABR: Oh, um, that you're comfortable of me, not bored, complaisant comfortable; but comfortable sure we can do anything with each other, and to each other, and be good with it.

        JES: Oh, I want to do all sorts of things with and to you, Abramo Tutti, and you will find whether you have limits on your comfortable.

        NARRATOR: Gulp. I think my cock just tried to simultaneously rise high and melt low in a faint. Jessica is so out of my league; but I'm gonna play, hard, until I get called out or win this bitch.

 Fix her hair

P ABR stands next to her, touching her hair - she's sitting looking at him

 Random comment 1:

        NARRATOR: She said "touching." Keep going, till she says: "Don't pass go." Or doesn't!

        ABR: I love your hair. Soft. Silken. And it gives you an angelic look; although you're probably more than a bit devilish.

        JES: Proceed, professor.

 Random comment 2:

        JES: You like my hair? Tell me the truth, what are you thinking out it?

        ABR: How it'll bounce up and down and snap when riding my cock, and I'm banging it in you. Was that too much truth?

        JES: No. Not at all.

        NARRATOR: I made her breathless, and her eyes went wide in the imaging of it. Game on!


 Compliment her breasts

P JES is holding her breasts with two hands squeezing them

 Random comment 1:

        ABR: Mmm. Nice display. Good weight, shape. Firm yet soft-skinned; well, I'm assuming ... from this distance. But, I can tell better when I get to fully appraise your treasures. I'm certain my valuation will be extremely high. I 'll even write out a gold labeled certificate of quality.

        JES: *laughs* Intelligent jokes, with visuals in them. Nice. Most guys stumble over their, supposed, compliments, and completely crash and burn around me. They want me too much to be smooth. I can't have a man fold under easy pressure.

        NARRATOR: Me? "Smooth"? That's a first. No woman's ever seen me as that. But if you like me, Jessica, then I like me, too.

        ABR: Honest truth? You scare me a bit shitless, because I want you too much, too; and yet, you just bring out the … bravery in me, Jessica. I won't fold, well, not until you're satisfied.

 Random comment 2:

        JES: Wouldn't you like to handle and taste these lovely girls?

        NARRATOR: I'd been thinking that, or my gonads had been.

        ABR: Busted. No pun intended.

        JES: *LAUGHS*

 Kneel in front of her and kiss her knee

P ABR kneels in front of her and kisses her knee

 Random comment 1:

        ABR: Only you bring me to my knees, Jessica, because some clichés are true.

        NARRATOR: She didn't answer only scrutinized me. That made me nervous, but a good nervous, as I hoped, hard.

 Random comment 2:

        JES; If you're going to ask me to marry you, the answer is no.

        ABR: No. *kiss* I'm not asking that. *kiss* I am promising *kiss* to make *kiss* you *kiss* happy.

        JES: I gave up promises as a child, they're usually the first step to failure.

        JES: Damn. Then think of my "romantic gesture" as a commitment, not a pretty promise then.


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