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        A successful author finds his career and marriage failing, as he must makes choices for love and job security and financial success. Or failure at them all! Can he win back his wife? Or lose her forever? Save his career and thrive, or end up in disaster? Or find a new love, or two?

        The beauties in his life: fiery brunette Hispanic wife, Maria; her auburn-haired continental Italian girlfriend, Valentina; their family friend the raging hot and demanding African American, Sasha (a friend's wife); and sweet bookish blonde Linda with her hidden passions.

        Who and what would be your choice?

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Broken Laptop

        VAL Oohhh! David! My laptop is broken not working again. It won't start. I need it working…NOW! I have such important translations to finish!


        DAV If your client could see how banging you look doing his translations, Valentina, he'd pay you double, no...treble the amount just to watch you doing his job through your laptop camera.


        DAV It's okay, Valentina. I'm no geek tech; but I'll take a look and try to make it work again as fast as possible.

        NARRATOR Valentina was so upset and frustrated that, not only was her Italian accent thicker with frustration, I just didn't want to draw her ire, by being a dick; but, really, I'm biting my tongue at how sexy awesome she looks in her skimpy swimsuit. I can barely think straight this close to her in those...straps. Release the straps and pounce on me! Agh, shut up, David.

A1 Joke about Valentina working almost naked.

        DAV Your machine probably just got overheated lying in your almost naked lap!

A2 Just shut the fuck up and take a look at her laptop.

IF A1 Pissed VAL says isn't in a mood for such jokes. DAV apologies for that.

        VAL Stop it, I'm not in the mood for stupid men jokes.

        DAV Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.

IF A2 VAL says she appreciates DAV urge to help

        VAL Thank you, David, I appreciate whatever you can do for me. My service warranty just ran out last month.


P Happy VAL kisses DAV cheek as a thank you

IF C2 VAL is kissing DAV and asking him if that kind of reward is more acceptable. 

        VAL As your reward, is this more acceptable?

        DAV Yeah, in fact, I was sort of hoping it would be.

        NARRATOR Damn, Valentina closer to me better revealed how luscious her big boobs are and how delicious her body smelled; her own scent mixed with her sun lotion. Usually she smelled of live flowers, Honeysuckle or Lavender or—.

        NARRATOR Shit, I better be careful or I'm gonna erect a spurting tower in my trunks. Think Val might notice and be disgusted with her neighbor rescuer? Or is she waiting for that kind of reaction?

C1 "It was a pleasure to help you, Valentina."

D2 "Mmm. That was nice; but I want...more. What else do I deserve?"


It's super hot today

P VAL lies on a bench and suntans

        NARRATOR Ah, man, Valentina with that amazing body sun tanning on our terrace, with tits and ass tempting everyone who'd dare look at her. Tempting me. This is some Italian Dante Hell stuff. I wantta dig that strap out of her ass and—.

        VAL I know your footsteps, David, and that you're gazing at my ass. Should I flex my ass muscles!

        DAV Please, no…!?

        VAL You don't sound convincing; but flexing might be too hard on you. Instead, would you help me, again, and put tanning oil on my legs? Or not. You choose, carefully.

A1 Massage your neighbor's back instead

A2 Start with your neighbor's outer thighs

IF A1 VAL negative feedback, he was supposed to oil her legs, not back.

        VAL Stop it! I said my legs, not my back!

P VAL lies on her back and is expecting DAV to cover her with oil + hands for interaction

IF A2 VAL positive feedback, he is doing it very gently

        VAL Ooooh, you have a Heavenly touch, David!


Wedding Anniversary - Romantic Date

        NARRATOR My day was so busy with publishing demands from my agent, my manager, and nearly everyone I did business with. Both my manager and agent asked what I was doing for my anniversary. "It's a secret," I'd told them. Actually I couldn't make plans because I wasn't certain what plans Maria wouldn't shoot down. Then I got a text from her.

        TEXT Meet me at my office.

        NARRATOR I did what she'd asked me, and found her looking like a sex goddess.

        DAV Wow. I mean really WOW!

        MAR I had it delivered by courier…for our anniversary. I'm glad you like me…that you like me in it. I know it hasn't been easy between us recently and I want to make it up to you. David, would you accompany me out for an anniversary dinner tonight?

        DAV Yes!

        MAR Great. But we have to go home first, because, handsome as you are every day, you aren't going out with me dressed like this, while you're dressed like a student. I must slip you into something more elegant.


        DAV *kissing* You're a miracle for not forgetting about our wedding anniversary. *sheepish* Unlike me.

        MAR You didn't forget, you didn't know if I cared. I remember because I want to make peace with you, David, because II feel incomplete and unhappy without you.

        NARRATOR I felt surprised and...cautiously happy that this might actually be real. Or not. I cross my fingers like a kid does and hoped.

P MAR and DAV in the same clothes are standing next to the counter behind which MAC in WORK stands and greets them

        MAC Hi, I'm Mac and welcome to where Mac smacks your taste buds alive, and adds tasty spice to your love life, too! Have a seat and I'll get you some great eats. *deadpan joking* But, only if you have a table booked.

        MAR That doesn't quite rhyme. And I absolutely have a reservation for a table; we're celebrating our wedding anniversary!

        MAC Congratulations! But especially you man, you are one lucky dog with a lovely wife like her.

A1 "Yes, I am a lucky, lucky husband."

A2 "Yeah, we're celebrating being almost ex-'s."


Your Life Is a Joke!

        DAV You said you had to work late. *sniffing* Late drinking? A lot. Hey. What...What's wrong?

        MAR *mocking* "What's wrong"? My life! After marrying you! That's what's wroooong! You're what's wrong!

        DAV Maria—.

        MAR It's your fault! Sucked everything out of me! I was always gifted, with so much talent, everyone said I was the best at everything, that the world was mine to….

        MAR *sneering* But instead believed I'd married a "supposed" prince, who wrote "magic" and "emotions" with his writing; but, no, you're just a total loser, whose goals and achievements have all expired, shriveled and dried up, along with his talent, and his inadequate manhood! I lost everything, marrying you!! You toad! You fucking fraud loser!

L Close up on a drunk MAR making jokes about DAV

        DAV I really don't want to hear anymore from that writhing mess you call a brain, Mari—.

        MAR You never understood me! You wore a façade in front of all your fans; especially the women; acting all modestly charming, reasonably heroic, and manfully poetic; reading your poison to women, seducing every ear, every wet cunt! I can't believe I was the stupidest of those stupid bitches! I finally see what you really are now! A meatless coward with a flaccid tongue and a flaccid sad dick. No wonder I'm thinking of going vegan!.

        NARRATOR Oh, such fuckless joy. The Needling Bitch of the Bedroom is back. Maria drunk is ten times nastier than Maria sober and just miffed at me. She's disappointed? I believed I'd married a endlessly charming, endlessly loving and sexy beauty then woke up with a castrating harpy.

        NARRATOR I'm not like Maria, I'll feel bad about saying and doing the wrong thing with her. She won't; but how do I respond to her tonight, when she's chewing up my damn nerves and manhood like they're tasty snacks?

A1 Yell at my drunk wife

A2 Try to calm down my drunken wife


Her Father's Legacy

P DAV is closing his zipper, looking angry on SAS who smiles like evil to him

IF A1 

        DAV I know you own the place; but, really you can't just break into the restroom and disturb people, with this Peeping Jane shit. It's…rude.

        NARRATOR Her smile was...maliciously impish. She liked my righteous anger. This was not a woman who took no for an answer, Sasha clearly was a woman who took what and who she wanted. Flattering; but…Linda, the sweet angel, is waiting for me.

        SAS I watched you with your pretty blonde. Is she old enough to handle what you...desire? She's playing prom date, and you're playing gentleman for her. No, you really are. But...? Can that little girl take all that power I see you got? Oh, shit! You're playing all gentle, for now, cause you ain't hit that pink pussy yet and broke her in to what you like, have you?

        NARRATOR I'd been about to say I wasn't gentle but she took that from me and…. I'd say left me hanging; but…. My body was flushing hot, my balls taking notice of luscious brown skin, tasty curves, sexy impudence…. Sasha would be game for...anything! I took a deep breath and remembered that Linda, pure and sweet as fresh air, is waiting for me!

        DAV This isn't an appropriate discussion or behavior. I'd say I'd tell someone legal but it'll probably flood this place with horny guys hoping to get the same.

        SAS You know it, stallion; this body already does; but, I want you, not just any cock that walks in here brushing up against me…by accidentally intentionally. Hmmm, I really would like to get a better look at your generous offering again. Unzip for me? I am an expert in Grade A1 prime meat.

P SAS holds his dick and helps him pee with her hand


        NARRATOR I decided not to acknowledge whomever the peeping jane was behind me, until realizing it must be Sasha when I saw a flash of red mini dress as she took my cock in her brown hand. Instead of my flow ceasing it shot out harder at her perfect touch.

        DAV Sasha?

        NARRATOR The woman looked good, smelled good and earthy, and now felt good; hand tight on my cock, big tits squashing against my back.

        SAS I like your cock. Good size, good weight, too, and getting heavier and harder. Fuck me, pretty baby. I want to feel what you can do with all that thick, heavy meat inside me that your wife doesn't know what to do with. Mmm. Strong, throbbing pulse, too. A thoroughbred stallion.

        DAV Thanks for the compliments and the offer; but, sorry, not right now, I'm on a date. I won't leave Linda waiting…abandoned, like her dad did.


Sasha's Cigarette Break

P SAS kneel in front of DAV and touches his cock

        SAS is on her knees and stroking DAV cock through his trousers. She calls DAV a stallion and says that she can no longer restrain herself. She wants to suck DAV cock here and now. DAV says he is not against it.

        DAV Whoa! Umm.... Sasha! Boss? Stop…?!

        NARRATOR I didn't sound sure. My mind was racing, and my blood, as I reminded Sasha and myself that she's my boss. And my hiring boss' wife. Shit. No matter what's come before, her daily "giving me the eye", brushing those curves against me, and saying all kinds of sexy shit that goes straight to my.... That is sexual harassment!

        NARRATOR On the other delightful hand feeling my cock, Mack had just been busting my chops about nothing again. He's gregariously friendly to everyone, including me, and I know he likes me and my work here; but now and then, something about me ticks him off. Maybe Sasha always flirting with me...?

        NARRATOR Well, for now, he was "doing the books" before I saw him slip out. He keeps telling me about some dark-haired hottie whose "husband's at work and not plowin' that fine girl's field hard and deep enough." Eeh!

        NARRATOR Oh, man! Sasha hadn't obeyed me, hadn't stopped; she'd just kept stroking me through my trousers, as my cock thickened and grew to fill her greedy palm. Gorgeous, Sexy Sasha wants me and she's on her knees to me! Well, she is my boss, shouldn't I do what she wants?

        SAS You strut through here like a stallion, David, all the women watching you…a few men too. You are one "sexy motherfucker." And I can't…I refuse to restrain myself from having what I want. Time for a taste test of all this meat bulging in your pocket that you've been keeping out of my reach.

        DAV You are the food expert. I volunteer for the task, Boss, I'm yours. I'm on the clock after all.

P DAV without his pants in front of SAS - she holds his dick in her hands

        NARRATOR Sasha grinned like a kid on Christmas and got my pants off in no time. Then she took my meat in her expert hands and examined the cut.

        SAS Not only do I like you…as a person, a handsome, trim-bodied person. I am pleased to tell you that you have A-1 prime cut here. The meatiest, the juiciest…I really like a great cock, it is necessary for this recipe. But, a thorough taste test is required.

        DAV My dick is my pride and my hidden superpower. You have exposed me, my nemesis. Only consuming me to the balls will drain my powers.

        SAS *laughs* You lascivious lecher! I'm gonna take you up on that.

P SAS is kissing the tip of his dick

        SAS Mwah! *kissing* I've been dreaming about this. Oh, look, precum for Sasha! Mmm.... So delicious. And you smell delicious too. I knew you'd be…mm...the moment I saw you walk in for your interview. I told Mack to handle you himself, I was afraid I'd rape you the first chance I got.

        DAV Whoo! Good to know. But, how do you think I felt seeing you and feeling my beast stir, in an interview, with your husband? Almost didn't take his offer. But, since you're down there, now, and you like your sample taste, you should fully try me. Swish that delicacy around in your mouth like fine wine.

        SAS Listen to you. Struttin' around looking like a hot professor and talking hardcore smack when your meat comes out! I like it. I'm gonna suck on you like no one else has; I'm gonna suck you inside out! The way a hot boy like you needs to be sucked.

        NARRATOR Sasha can talk shit to me all day, every day; her voice is so sexy, her look smoldering, her breath on me, her touch…all wonderfully maddening. She kissed my cock head again, took a lascivious ice cream lick of my cone, then those rich, lush lips caressed around me and her tongue said, "Hello."

        NARRATOR I went a little weak at the knees. I locked those weak bitches in place and finally let her have me!


Busted with Mack

P MAR is sucking MAC cock while he lies on bed

        NARRATOR I finally did something. I started filming them, in digital clarity, although my hand shook a bit when she started talking.

        MAR You're a restaurateur, I'm hungry for big black and hard cock. Gimme! A chocolate éclair filled with yummy cream-mmm.

        NARRATOR The adulterous bitch grabbed his fat black cock and swallowed it whole, to the balls! Giving him oral, including the tongue stud, she'd said they'd gotten for my pleasure! She'd always made me earn tonsils. And the greedy fuck was fingering and fingerfucking her juicy pussy, even thumbing her little asshole. She let him have it all, without...! His dark thick fingers kept disappearing deep into her hot insides. I know Maria's wet heat and how she swells tight—.

        MAC Ow! Damn, bitch, you wasn't joking about wantin' fat black cock down your throat. Tired of flabby pink meat, those little hors d'oeuvres? *chuckles* That's cause you're a big meat, big balls girl, aren't you? Yeah, that's it, you lovin' Mack's big main course, aren't yah? Chuck me down, girl, enjoy my hot fat meat. *chuckles*

        NARRATOR That shocked me cold, her demanding a stranger's cock, after putting me on less than bread and water all this...! I knew this marriage was...almost ruined, but never...that she'd be so...impudent and careless of...of us. I hadn't expected this. Maybe Sasha doesn't either. She's my boss, too, and actually does payroll and manages the staff.


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