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        Welcome to our noir blend of visual novel and adventure game! In this story, you’ll play as Trevor, a once successful private investigator whose wretched life you’ll try to put back on the right track. Use your detective hunches and interact with characters and objects, all the while making crucial choices that will lead you to one of ten endings.

        But what would noir be without a dame? Or, in this case, three: Miranda, the professional singer; Teresa, the intriguing librarian; and Sara, the young lady of the night. Their stories will intersect after every choice and twist, and you’ll need to follow along every entangled plot to reach your goals.

        Of course, if we’re talking noir, we’re talking about grey morality. Your choices won’t be unambiguously good or bad, and unexpected nuances lurk after every one of them. This is the darkest game we’ve ever worked on, the most ambitious, and we’re proud of how we’ve managed to push the boundaries of the erotic genre with this exploration of noir’s themes.

        Speaking of pushing boundaries? The girls are not typical LOP models—because this game is far from typical. Their past, their flaws, their weaknesses, their goals? They have been molded by each of them, and curvaceous advertising models just wouldn’t cut it.

        We want to show you their problems and sorrows, their harsh lives, but also the unique eroticism they embody. The game would not be complete with any other choice, and we invite you to discover why.

_dialog / narration / characterizations built from client outline / images

= Dialog

= Narration

= Deep and Varied Characterizations

= Late wife's Name / character, plus, all things Uncle Trev and Snoop

= 10 choice endings

Romance After Dark
Project Job Sections

01_Miranda's Story

02_Teresa's Story

03_Sara's Story

04_Penelope's Story

The Detective

IMAGE: TRE drinking in his apartment

        Waking alone without her or never falling to sleep with her is pain. Without Rebek-.... Oh, my dear kiddies, drinking to forget and ease said pain is your Uncle Trevor's go to solution for a long while now; but it's wearing me porous thin.

        "Life is precious." I have "so much to live for"? But drowning in this soul-killing grief…. Not even the strongest hard alcohol can obliterate all the tiny, raging and relentless tentacle-like streams of eternal hurt; made from my own weaknesses.

        And that, boys and girls, is when a dangling noose is seductive as a final solution to despair for your Uncle Trev.

        This is not a "flashback". I have not yet "tied one final one on" the hard way, to speak to you beyond my death. Stupid, that would make spitting out this tale to you…difficult. *laughs* Or...I'm a coward. Or maybe I do have something to live for. What that could be I haven't found yet.

        *sighs* Take my advice, kids. Suicidal thoughts love alcohol; because alcohol encourages dangerous and stupid behavior. And it has been ninety proof poisoning my health and mind for a long time, as I struggle every moment whether to embrace my poisoned thoughts' suggestions or.... Not.

        Or…? I don't fucking even know. I'm not that man, that hero yet. Or never.

        "Thoughts are logical, Uncle Trev." No. Thoughts are villains fueled with emotion and mysterious, hidden confusions that will fuck you up," as my clever, pure-souled wife used to say, when she saw her hero in me. Beautiful, silly girl.

        But, she was always right; so, now, to honor her, I will confront and defeat these monstrous thoughts; these suicidal misjudgments and confusions.

        I'll treat them just like any other villain standing in my way because my conviction to this last noble endeavor my wife charged me with has helped me not get...hung up. But…the loss…and pain….

IMAGE: Close up on TRE crying face

        Rebekah. My remarkable wife. I...buried my h-heart and soul four long years ago but still kneel and sob at her grave. I'm a hypocrite. Her death was my fault. I can finally admit that out loud, because it was my personal demons of anger, alcohol, and depression that ate her alive with worry.

        My many failings filled our home with a toxicity that filled her spirit with such anxiety, until her lovely body…. It became cancer and devoured her, like a monster hidden within her. My toxicity, like oozing acid, ate her alive. See? My fault.

        She died only two months after her doctor's diagnosis, as if just knowing for certain what evil lay slithering deep inside her slayed her. "To love and protect" is a lie. I allowed my pain to consume my wife. That's not love and certainly not protection.

        Rebi gave up her battle before we could rally together against it; but, she knew me, I was no help, I was drunk anyway. She'd seen my lack of will to fight for my own soul; thinking wouldn't I give up on our life together too? So she gave up. Because of me.

IMAGE: TRE thinking in his agency

*spiritless* I'm still here, breathing, because ending my misery with the final finality would be too easy. But truth? Escaping the tight grasp of this painful, sucking residue I call my life with that handsome rope is a seductive temptation.

Sometimes, alone in the dark without her comforting body anchoring my world...the noose is a siren I crave to stop resisting and wish to put my trust in her grasp and let her pull me off right out of this life.


The Sensuous Torch Singer

Introduce yourself as a Trevor Pierce, PI

        "I'm Trevor Pierce, PI. I believe you called me here?"

[original scene note: MIR introduces herself and apologies him for not recognizing him in the crowd. TRE says it's a part of his job to blend in the crowd - it makes his job a lot easier. MIR says he is good in this. NARRATOR says that from the first minutes of their conversation TRE gets a feeling than MIR got very seductive tone of voice and she talks with him in a very flirty was. He is sure she has broken a lot of man hearts in her career.]

        Later, I couldn't shake Miranda's expression…. It looked like she was thinking, "Oh, fuck me!" at the sight of your Uncle Trev. Now, that could mean I've still got "it", or.... It didn't matter, I'm still Rebekah's widower; a seductive siren means nothing.

        *sighs* Occupational hazard, I'm always reading expressions for unspoken thoughts, disguised emotions, and secrets I need to know. Such insights have saved my life.

        Y-You're Mr. Pierce! Uhm.... H-How self-centered of me. I apologize for not recognizing you in the crowd, after the description our mutual friend, Ricardo, gave of you. Seems he left a thing or two out; you are not what I expected.

        Couldn't tell what she meant by that. Bad or good; so I took my choice.

        Good. It's part of my job to blend in a crowd and be unexpected; that way no one sees me coming.

        *sighs* Truth, Mr. Pierce? I'd love to see you coming.

        I almost blurted out "you can see me cumming anytime!" Crazy! Sometimes mutual sexual attraction pops out in the most unexpected occasions. There were wealthy, handsome men here, already in love and lust for her; but Miranda was flirting with me! Or she's like that with every nonfan, until we become fans.

        Huh. I know this woman's broken lots of men's hearts…and hairy balls. Either way, I put mental cold ice down my trousers on my sweating, stirring to life crotch. We are not going to be a couple; there will only be business between us.

Ask her about the case

        "So, what's your case, Miranda?"

[original scene note: She says she can't tell to much here - her ex husband was a pig and believes he tried to manipulate his will in order to cheat her and don't give her any money after his death 3 days ago. He invites her to his office tomorrow to talk about details. She agrees.}

        "My...what? Oh! Can't say too much here, too many knew my husband. I have no tangible proof yet that he recently rewrote his will; cheating me out of my rightful widow's inheritance. But the unsavory pig inconveniently died abruptly three days ago and I need help to get what's mine."

        "Death by natural causes?"

       " Yes. Why do you ask?"

        "The clearer the picture the better I see, and can help. I'll need more information, names, and your plans about what you specifically want me to deliver. Can you come to my office tomorrow early to talk details for an hour or two?"

        "Yes, Mr. Pierce, I can. Thank you."


The Teen Street Walker


[original scene note: TREVOR visits SARA for the first time. At first she thinks he is a customer and tries to convince him for a $20 blowjob. He politely declines and says he comes with much more interesting offer.]

        I glimpsed a beautiful young street girl and followed her for a better look. She thought I was a customer. Shit. I'm no common customer; I'm a client!

        "Just $20, handsome, and I'll give you a blowjob that'll make both your heads explode."

        "That's both intriguing and economical; but I have to decline for a much more interesting offer for you in return. If you suit my needs."

        Exposed and eager she suited something; but my comment made the kid give me the once over suspicious squint twice; clearly thinking: Is he a deadly perve or a good opportunity?

        "What's your name, kid?"

        "Sara. Why?"

Take a look at Sara.

[original scene note: NARRATOR describes SAR - she is young. Definitely too young to work on the streets. She looks very provocative, not even trying to hide her enormous tits under her shirt. Her body is very curvy and tempting - the way TRE likes but... She could easily be his daughter. He is angry at himself to think about her in that categories.]

        I was checking out the kid and she was looking back, hard. She was flawlessly young. Definitely too young to work on these rough, dirty streets, if you asked me. I know that's not reality; just call me old-fashioned. 

        The girl was dressed for her profession, provocatively, not even trying to hide her enormous tits just barely under her shirt. It was a fantastic sales display.

        A brief thought I stomped out was that she'd caught my attention because her body was curvy and tempting; the way I like my women best; but.... 

        I wasn't shopping for me, per se. And, I'm not "old"; but realistically, young Sara, if her real name, could easily be my daughter. "But she's not, man," a thick part of me that was hardening fast quipped back. 

        She frowned at my thinking scowl. I was scaring her with my anger for thinking about her like a piece of juicy meat to force against a brick wall and pound to hamburger.

        However, in my colder, darker thoughts, if Sara was making me think these thoughts, as I rigidly kept my hands to myself, then spoiled, rich grandpa Russel was gonna love her.

Ask Sara if she wants to earn good money.

        "Hey, kid, want to earn some real money?"

[original scene note: Sara starts to call TRE “daddy” - she says that she might be interesting if that isn't to kinky. He says no, it's not that kinky. He asks her if she doesn't mind sex with older guy. She says that “daddy” isn't that old. TRE says that not with him, with other guy. She need to seduce and satisfy him and then... you need to take something from his wallet. She asks if he is taking about robbing him. TRE replies that not exactly - he need a password written on a small sheet of paper. She says cool - she will do it for $200. TRE says okay.]

        "Don't you mean naughty money, Handsome Daddy? I might be interested, if what you want isn't too kinky."

        "I don't think it is. Do you mind sex with an old guy?"

        "Oh, Daddy, you're not so old." 

        "No, Baby. Not with me, with another guy, at least twenty years older than me. I'd need you to seduce him, satisfy him, and then…roll him. Not for cash, you just need to take some information from his wallet." 

        "So, if I'm only half rolling him and not robbing him…are you robbing him the rest of the way?"

        "What an imaginative little girl you are. Not exactly. I need a three number password written on a small sheet of paper; that's all you need to know, or that I'll tell you." 

        "Okay. Cool. I'll do it for $200. Up front."

        "Okay. We can do that. Now let's get you a nice little first night on the job outfit. Rent, buying, or borrow. Either way, my client's paying this expense."

        "Cool. My client's client, huhn?"

From now on, Trevor can interact with Sara.


The Sexy Librarian


[original scene note: When he enters the building for the first time he notices THERESA there. She comes closer to him and asks he need any assistance. He says not yet - he wasn't leaving his apartment for a while and today he decided spend some time outside his place and he is amazed how much beauty he is witnessing today. THE smiles in a sweet way and thanks him for this compliment. She says she loves books and if he got any questions related to that matter is more than willing to talk with him about that. TRE says she is the kindest person he meet from a very long time. THE says he is so sweet - she loves intelligent man with such classy manners.]

        Entering the Arkham Library, I noticed something my former hometown library never had…a sexy librarian. And she was coming straight to lucky ole me.

        "Hi. Welcome to Arkham Library, the largest, oldest repository of books on Knowledge and Power. If you need help looking for something specific or special, let me know."

        "I definitely will; but, truth? Haven't a clue of what I need. I hadn't left my apartment in a long while and decided I should venture outside and discover something new that I'm not already paying rent on. I am amazed, though, at how much beauty I am discovering today."

        *laughs, delighted* "Well, aren't you a facile charmer! Time will reveal if you're a wicked or heavenly charmer. However, thank you for the compliment but…

        "...many more books have proven better friends than some people and better teachers than some professors. I simply adore books! So, if you have any questions related to...books, sir, and how they can help you, I'll be more than willing to talk with you about them." 

        "You're very diplomatic. I'm not sure whether you've giving me the old brush off or the hang around and try again later. Wow. That probably makes you the kindest person I've met in a very long time." 

        She didn't quite frown, but my answer made her thoughtful, as she reevaluated me, I think. Hopefully for the better.

        "That's so sweet of you to say. Most men, especially the ruggedly handsome, charming ones, just sling their dicks at me." 

        I choked on my own spit!

        "I know the Heimlich Maneuver, if needed. I'm glad you came out today and visited me. Oh! I mean visited our library. *sighs* Okay. I admit it. I have a feeling.... I love an intelligent man with something between his...ears; with gentle, classy manners, too. But...*giggles*...just maybe, you need to get out more?"

        *laughs* "Yep. True. And I might just do that…now. Someone has to shield you from the slinging dicks."

        She laughed, a delightful laugh like sunshine and, abruptly, I hoped, deeply, that I'd just made a lasting new friend; before lovely Teresa gave me a friendly, hands-on tour of her domain.


The Hot Morgue Doctor


Intro talk

[original scene note: PEN welcomes TRE at her workplace and says she is happy to see him - she doesn't got many visitors here. TRE says that this is place as cold as he remembered it, asking PEN why is she still working in such gloomy pace. PEN says it's gloomy but... it's also quiet and she doesn't hear her patients complaining about her work so she likes those work environments. She asks how TRE is hanging, after REB passing away. TRE says he is doing well. He stopped drinking, focused on his work and everything goes forward. PEN says she is glad to hear that.]

        *teasing* "Look at you. It's Dashing Trevor Pierce, in the living flesh! Instead of one of my guests.

        "Been a long time. Welcome to my house of cold stiffs. My God! I can't believe how happy I am to see you...especially since I don't get visitors not sobbing in grief."

        *shivers* " is still as cold and odd smelling as I remember. I always assumed this was just a job until something better; why are you still working in such a gloomy place?"

        "Just to be here when you FINALLY visit me again. Alive. Or not."

        Shit! But true.

        "I owed you that. *shrugs* It's gloomy to others; but...quiet. Spirit peaceful, usually; especially after I uncover what mystery brought my guests to me.

        *smirking* "Plus, my patients never complain or second-guess my work like live ones.

        *sighs* "Haven't seen you since we buried Rebi together. Every time I've tried to see wouldn't see me, then you fell off the grid completely. I'm guessing you're back and ready to see your favorite doctor. Don't look too bad, how do you feel?"

        "Lot's better. Still recovering, most days, nights. Recently stopped drinking heavily. I am refocused on my work and helping my clients. Keeping everything...going forward."

        "Good to hear. Looks good on you. So, Snoop, what brings my favorite and only live patient to my 'gloomy place'?"

Ask Penelope about obtaining a vial of virgin blood. - not faked.

[original scene note: PEN says she can get that vial to him and... she even don't want to ask why does he need something like this. TRE says he values her discreetly a lot. PEN asks him to come back tomorrow and she will have what he requires.]

        *laughs* "Now who's got a 'gloomy' job? I don't see you, for like forever, then you walk through my door and.... *shocked* You're serious! I see it in your face. Wow. This is the weirdest 'do you have my back' friend request ever.

        "Holy Hell, Trevor. You come to me, after blowing me off for…! Y'know. I won't even ask why you need…it.

        *chuckling* "At least I know you're not getting your own through virgin sacrifice. For that, I'd send you to those young guys over at the engineering university. Most of them are virgins! Or were when Rebi and I were in college.

        *laughs* "If I told them why I needed to take their blood, they'd be offended about the truth! They might still let you do it, though!"

        *sobers* "I've always valued your discretion with my own secrets. This is an important client thing—a strange one but.... Or I wouldn't ask a friend I owe a huge apology to."

        "So we are still friends. And you still owe me an apology. I'm glad you're focused on working again. Looks really, really good on you. Come back tomorrow and I'll have what you want."

Try to find out more about Penelope's private life.

[original scene note: PEN says she is doing well... She kicked out her husband and is during the divorce. He was getting more and more aggressive after the alcohol. He was not only abusive for her but also for their son who was witnessing his attacks. He was blaming them for all his failures in his life. It was toxic and she ended it... everything should be fine from now, right? TRE says that it's how the world suppose to work.]

        "Let's see. Since last we saw each other…. I've kicked Nick out. Our divorce is almost finalized; but just keeps dragging on. Remember he'd started being...moody? Well, he kept that up and became….aggressive. Violent. Alcohol was his choice, too, to fuel his problems.

        "Worse part. He wasn't just abusive with me. He would hurt me, physically and verbally, right in front of Pierce. Imagine, doing that in front of our son!

        "A son witnessing violent attacks on his mother, by his father, who says he loves you and your mother; showing his son that this is what a normal man and husband's behavior is to aspire to.

        "By the way. Nick blames both of us for all his supposed life failures. Pierce as well, by his snide remarks to our son. Nick keeps refusing advice or help from family, friends, and professionals.

        "I watched my dear, sweet husband become toxic and just meltdown right in front of us. I had enough. I didn't need him irradiating our son, or me, anymore with his horrible bad vibes. *shudders* Ew! You know how sensitive I am about that. Just like you are.

        "I ended it; the pain and the uncertainty of when he'd go off on us again. Fully divorced or not, he's gone, as far as I'm concerned. *bitter laugh* So, everything should be fine from now on, right?

        "Except the loneliness. I'm told that part is how the world is supposed to work."


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