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        A young wife becomes hostage for her husband's huge gambling debt to a handsome and dangerous Serbian gangster casino owner.

        As she waits for her spouse's slow return with the mobster's money, she may have to start paying off her husband's debt with her body.

_revised and new dialog / narrations / characterizations built upon from client outline

MEET The Casino Boss

        NARRATOR: Faith's fear rose when she watched her husband get handcuffed by the security guard for being reckless. Both the security guard and the woman at the tables led them both through the maze of tables and corridors into a large office.

        NARRATOR: The man behind the desk looked nothing like a casino owner and more like a man who was part of the mafia. Faith trembled a bit as she tried to put on a brave face, while Christian tried to plead his case.

        CHR: Listen, I know what your protocol is with loan jumpers and credit dashers; but I'm not one of them. My name is Christian Grant and if you just look me up you'll know that—.

        BOG: We know who you are, Mr. Grant. First off, welcome to my casino. I host a few tournaments here and your name keeps coming up in conversation. I must say, you are not what I expected. However, you are a gambling man and you know The Rules when it comes to Credit. What was his collateral, Senka?

        SEN: Train tickets to Romania then to Greece and plane tickets from Greece to America. All first class as well, boss.

        BOG: Good. That tells me you have money to use, Mr. Grant. So save you and your wife, and also me, the trouble and pay your debt; then you can continue on your little adventure elsewhere.

        FAI: Look, I get you want your money, Mr. Whatever Your Name Is. That's fine. So just give us your account information and our tickets and when we get back home we'll wire your money straight away. Or is that too hard for you to understand here?

        NARRATOR: Faith thought her “tough girl” routine, like she'd used in past jobs in bars and strip clubs, would win him over and she could be out of this nightmare. However, the mafioso casino owner's pleasantly composed face melted away into something truly scary, as the scary man focused on her and rose from his seat; causing his shadow to drape over her.

        NARRATOR: His blood shot eyes and his gritting teeth alone sent chills throughout Faith's body and as he rounded his desk towards her and Christian—. God, he was big! —Faith knew she should have kept her mouth closed.

        BOG: Do you take me for a fool? I know and you know damn well that the second you leave this place, I don't get a cent! You think you can outsmart me? You think I haven't had cheats and swindlers, like you, before in my place? Huh?

        CHR: We-we aren't like that, honestly! Look you know me from my poker days, right? You know I'm good for it, it's just the money isn't here with me! What do you want from us?

        NARRATOR: Faith's mind filled with snip-its from Eastern mafia movies where Christian would be shot and buried in the middle of nowhere, never to be seen again. And they'd drug slave her out to payout his debt. She felt terrified and began to shake and felt tears fill her eyes; fearing this was the end of everything. At least the Grants would spend the rest of their lives together.

        NARRATOR: But before any “whacking” could take place, the woman, the pit boss or whatever, who'd lent Christian the credit, diffused the situation with one simple idea.

        SEN: What if only one of them leaves, boss? We keep the other, here, with us, while the other goes and transfers your money? Once we get it, we send our guest home.

        BOG: Hmmm, Senka, that is a very good idea. Mr. Grant, since it is you who has the money in your account, your wife will remain as my … guest. Viktor, take Mrs. Grant to my villa.

        VIK: Right, boss.

        FAI: What?! No! NO! I don't want to be a hostage.

        CHR: Stop! Wait! What are you doing? You can't do that! That's … That's like against the law or something. Right?

        BOG: Were you not paying attention, Mr. Grant? Allow me to repeat the deal; you will go home, get my money together and send it to me, promptly. Once I receive my money, I'll send your wife to you. I'll even send her first class. But, if you don't deliver on your end, I will use your wife to help collect the debt! When's the next period, Senka?

        SEN: Well, it would have been today, well, yesterday; but seeing as Mr. Grant played past midnight, it has already passed. The next period won't be until the end of next month, boss.

        BOG: So 30 days is it? Sounds fair and rather convenient for you, Mr. Grant. And before you say that's impossible, I want you to look at your wife and then at me and tell me what I want to hear.

        NARRATOR: Faith watched helplessly as Christian trembled like a leaf in the breeze as he looked over at her. She was on the verge of tears and shook her head in hopes it would wake her up from this nightmare she was having.

        NARRATOR: She hoped, waiting to hear her husband and best friend come up with a compromise or counter offer so she could go home with him. But as he turned back to the casino owner and lowered his head in defeat, she knew it was not going to go that way.

        CHR: If…If you promise me. Pr-Promise me … you will not hurt her.

        BOG: As long as you keep your word and I have my money on time, I will not harm a single hair on her head.

        CHR: *Sigh*Okay...o-okay. I will get you your money before the end of the month.

        BOG: Now see, was that so hard? Always remember the clock is ticking, Mr. Grant. Viktor? Show Mr. Grant out and see that he gets a fast cab to the airport. I believe there is a red-eye that he can make. If not, he might be behind a day, we don't need that, do we?


First Lesbian Kiss with Ms. Pit Boss

        NARRATOR: Faith didn't know what made her inch towards Senka, nor why she decided to embrace Senka and pull her into a deep passionate kiss. All she knew was she wanted to and felt wonderful doing it; and judging from Senka's response, Senka enjoyed it as well.

        SEN: Mmm, you are one damn good kisser, Faith. I'm a bit jealous you haven't kissed me sooner.

        BOG: You and me both! Hah-hah-hah, you two look amazing together.


Sexual Attraction Each Needs

        FAI: For me, there has to be a nice six pack, and ass muscles. I mean, any guy who is really ripped can thrust like a sex monster, no matter what cock size he has!

        SEN: See, I'm not like that. I need a thick cock over a six pack any day. I need to feel something stretch me out wide and touch every part of me deep inside for me to have fun. What about you, boss?

        BOG: Big tits, well, breasts for sure! I love the jiggle and bounce of a woman's thick breasts when I'm fucking her!


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