Bloodlines of Shadow Springs

        A dating sim adventure. Find the truth about your teen vampire lineage, choose to save your humanity or enjoy the lure of using your newfound powers to corrupt your classmates, hot teachers and sultry MILFs.

        A teenaged student finds he's part of an important living vampire bloodline, as a beautiful vampire Masters him, so she can use his sexual gifts to build her own dynasty.

_co-written actions based on simple outline,

= character specific building and dialogs,

= chose image references for artist, suggested possible side quests.

Bloodlines of Shadow Springs
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Misc. Game Texts 1 & 2 with Jazz Hunt

Ms. Abernathy Hunt

Aunt Becky Hunt

Hunt Couple: Bob and Vivian

Monica Hunt Scene

Bloodlines Of Shadow Springs Extension

Vampiric Abilities

Bryan's Vampiric Abilities are divided into 4 types, and each depends on the present primary state of player character, Bryan. He can receive new vampiric abilities when he progresses in strength as a vampire.

MIND – allows him to control his victim's mind. It's very useful if he needs to reduce their Suspicion during or after his actions.

CHARISMA – boosts his personal relations towards the positive; such as arousing people.

WILL – makes his victim unaware of his actions. E.g., He can do an action on the victim's body without getting noticed.

EMPATHY – lowers his victim's resistance to what he wants to do to them; such as getting information from his victim's mind and subconscious.

Each vampire ability has 3 LEVELS OF POWER; such as starting with only Mind Scanning Level 1.

Hunt Your Classmate Jazz

Stage 1.

 • NARRATOR: Bryan saw his victim, his lovely classmate, brown-skinned Jazz, walking through the park, chatting on her mobile phone, not as alert as she should be; and not knowing a predator was watching her.

 • NARRATOR: He can choose to use, or not use, his vampiric power actions on Jazz; close up or from a distance. His powers will alter, fully distort, or simply enhance her perceptions of him, even before he actually approaches her.

 • NARRATOR: So, Bryan can now approach his targeted victim and be clearly seen, completely unseen, or merely "disguised" by her mind held within his control; without also increasing her FEAR about his physical approach.

The Shower: Peeping on Your Hot Stepsister

  ○ Christina: Get out! Wait your turn, prick!

  ○ NARRATOR: Christina didn't see Bryan or she was pretending not to, as he thought it was too bad Christina was wasted on being his sister. But, there must be "different rules", when you have a hot stepsister slowly, sensuously washing her curves, and making her stepbrother's cock rise to hardness.

  ○ NARRATOR: Christina looked Bryan dead in the eyes then kept slowly soaping and rinsing water over her lovely womanly curves and intimate places. He realized that Christina didn't care if he watched her; but his boner was seriously aching to be of use!

Innocent Classmate Masturbation Scene

 • NARRATOR: Bryan felt different with Monica, it was as if she looked at him ... expecting something. And he suddenly knew she was innocent in that Marilyn Monroe kind of way; innocent but ... sexy and horny.

 • Bryan: Touch your tits, Monica.

 • Monica: Bryan! *giggles* Through my clothes, like this? Mm, feels good and it feels good watching me, doesn’t it?

 • Bryan: Yeah. Touch your actual tits, and show me.

 • NARRATOR: Monica obeyed and flashed her bare breasts at him as she pinched them, bounced them, then kissed and licked her own nipples.

 • Monica: Join me, Bryan.

 • NARRATOR: Bryan rubbed himself through his trousers, while watching Monica, then he unzipped and pulled out stiffening meat that made her eyes go large with the size and beauty of him.

 • Monica: Oh! I'm suddenly so wet!

 • Bryan: Prove it. Show me your bare pussy and play with it.

 • NARRATOR: At this point, Bryan didn't care if it was his new powers or just that Monica was a slut for him. This was a great game, as he watched her staring at him jacking his cock while her pussy dripped juice like happy tears.

 • Monica: Oh! Feels good!

Bryan: Looks good, too. Cum for.... 


Master Vampire Commands You to Have Sex!

...more before...

 • Jean-Bernard: Girl, don't look so surprised! Lilla! Come. Prepare the boy, while his paramour watches and prepares herself to receive him.

 • NARRATOR: A housemaid stepped out of nowhere, and fondled Bryan through his trousers.

 • Jean-Bernard: Such impudence, have you suddenly forgotten how to serve your betters properly! Or is your power that great, boy? On your knees, Lilla.

 • NARRATOR: Lilla knelt while unzipping Bryan then pulled out his cock. The boy couldn't help smiling; never in any dream or imagining had he expected this, as the maid—They have a maid!—"prepared" him, as normally studious, smart girl Angelique touched her own growing need through her clothes.

 • NARRATOR: Angelique undressed from the waist up, as Lilla whacked Bryan's stiffening cock and happy balls, stroking his length to fullness. He felt Lilla's hot breath on him like she wanted to taste him. Unable to resist, the maid abruptly, boldly licked his precum; savoring it.

 • Jean-Bernard: Greedy, selfish twat! We've taught you better! Your mistress may have wanted the first taste for herself.

 • Angelique, breathless: I'm good.

NARRATOR: Bryan was feeling good himself as he watched his studious classmate strip to her undies, in front of her dad ... sire ... whatever, and found that he wanted Angelique more than he wanted the maid's attentions. Plus, Bryan had the head of her clan's approval!


Hunt Aunt Becky - outline

1. Bryan sees his stepmom Ellen's sister walking the alley

2. (Oblivion stage 1) " Ah, it's so dark here…”

3. (False Memories stage 1) Bryan makes her think she is on blind date

4. (Arouse stage 1) Masturbation scene, she takes dildo from her bag. Bryan is hidden, uses ability on her

5. (Delusion stage 1) Bryan comes closer and checks her body, she doesn’t see him.

6. (Mirror Vision stage 1) Make her see Bryan as Charles. “I’m sure I can make her see me as my father"

7. (Mind reading) Ellen is so lucky to have a such loving husband as Charles!

8. (Mind scanner) I always wanted to fuck Charles!

9. (Mind control).

* I think I pay Bryan too little, I should raise his salary.

* Maybe I should wear more revealing outfits at work. I have such sexy body



5. (Delusion stage 1) Bryan comes closer and checks her body, she doesn’t see him.

NARRATOR: Bryan wanted more and cast Delusion over his aunt, as he stepped out of his hunting blind with his meaty weapon still exposed, as he took a better look at her sexy secrets. 

Bryan: Becky can't see me! Or hear me, except my orders. We are going to have fun!

NARRATOR: He smiled wickedly at seeing Aunt Becky's body laid out like a meal for his hunger; breasts, legs, pussy. 

NARRATOR: The new predator in him stirred. Or maybe it was just horny teenaged boy.

6. (Mirror Vision stage 1) Make her to see Bryan as Charles. Just a text - Bryan: “I’m sure I can make her see me as my father."

Bryan: She called my father's name, when she came. Huh! Bet I can make her see me as my father.

7. (Mind reading) Ellen is so lucky to have a such loving husband as Charles!

NARRATOR: Bryan read Becky's mind.

Becky: Ellen's so damn lucky to have a handsome loving husband like Charles!

8. (Mind scanner) I always wanted to fuck Charles myself!

NARRATOR: Bryan Mind Scanned through his step aunt's thoughts and found a secret gem.

BECKY: I've wanted to fuck Charles since the first time Celeste introduced him to Ellen and me. God! He's so sexy! And Ellen says he's incredible in bed! The lucky cow.

9. (Mind control) [choices].

NARRATOR: Bryan tried Mind Control on his aunt, to see what was in it for him.


○ I just realized I don't pay Bryan enough. I should give him a sizeable raise.

○ Maybe I should wear more clinging and revealing outfits at work. Yeah. Showing off my sexy body would be good for business!


Shopping with Your Sexy Stepmom

 NARRATOR: Bryan couldn't believe he was shopping with his stepmom, like some teenage girl! He and Ellen talked about school and life, etc.; and he'd mostly given her the "clean" stepmom version of things.

 NARRATOR: Shopping wasn't the worse; but he was just thinking that following around and watching Ellen shop was pretty damn she tried on things, and asked his opinion.

 Bryan, grumpy, thinking: Is this just a girl...woman thing? Asking a guy if she looks nice in about a thousand outfits!

 Bryan: Looks nice.

 NARRATOR: His boredom suddenly left when Bryan saw Ellen's dressing room curtain wasn't fully shut. Shit. His dad was going to kill him for such "ungentlemanly behavior", when Ellen told his dad—.

 NARRATOR: Hell, Bryan's punishment will be worth it, as he tipped his chair for a better view of his hot MILF stepmother stripping out of nearly everything! Except her G-string panties and high heels!

 Bryan: Damn! Fuck me!

 NARRATOR: Bryan tumbled over.

 Bryan peeping at Ellen:

  ○ Ellen, low relations: Bryan! How dare you!

  ○ NARRATOR: Ellen shut the curtain. Bryan hoped she didn't call Dad right away and tell him his son had been peeping at her.


  ○ Ellen, good relations: Bryan. Tsk-tsk, you bad boy.

  ○ NARRATOR: Ellen was so calm and casual about it; without any anger or shutting him out, as she ignored him and leisurely tried a few more outfits; peeling them off, then slipping into another, while his eyes were filled with hot body, as he rubbed his crotch.


  ○ Ellen, love relation: Still bored, Bryan?

  ○ Bryan: No. No, ma'am.

  ○ NARRATOR: This was crazy! His stepmom knew he was there, watching her, as she definitely displayed her body to him. Ellen was hefting her breasts, tweaking her nipples to hardness—and his favorite—pulling down her panties to show off her glistening wet pussy.


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