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Writer Specialties:

·        Remote / online game narrative writer [American English] since 2007 for worldwide game publishing clients; including, regular client teams in Russia and Poland. [Client copyrighted texts available upon request.]

o   Game Sims for: Detective. Dating (single / marriage). Horror (zombies, witches, more) / cthulhu – H P Lovecraft. Shakespeare – “Much Ado About Nothing”. Gangster / Casino. Mystery / puzzle. Vampires.

o   Romance (Contemporary, Historical, Futuristic; PG13 rating)

§  Romantic Erotica / Erotica (R – NC17 / XXX)

o   Short Stories / Screenplays in genres: Historical. Military. Fantasy. Romance. Sci-fi. Poltergeist and Psychic. Juvenile gender-neutral. Juvenile Detective.

·        Individualized, realistic character-specific dialog, and / or poetic dialog, and psychological and / or emotional character actions.

o   Various character POVs and tones: male (hardcore and nice guy / straight, gay, neutral), female (girl next door to noble lady to that bitch you hate and fear / lesbian, straight, neutral), neutral gender, historical periods, etc.

·        Character! Drama. Humor. Action. Interpersonal relationships. Even business relationship dialogs (G-rating).

o   Level / quest suggestions when character choices suggest it.

·        Walking clients through project choices, any arising variables, and the possible multilayered audience reactions to player text.

o   Write and revise game story sequences, story arcs, and quests, while working with the Design team manager.

o   Create and maintain NPC and lead character information and world back story.

o   Collaborate smoothly with the Art and Writing Manager in developing fully fleshed-out characters and stories.

·        Novel and short story editing; plus, publishing expertise. British English. Adobe Photoshop

·        Game Writing Software: Excel, OpenOffice Calc, OneNote, Word, some Unity (design, limited coding), various Facebook game builders.

Other Experience:

·        Educational level film and educational / professional live theater production (Stage Manager):

o   including script generation,

o   actor auditions,

o   text readings / rewrites, and

o   performance practices,

o   plus, full show-running of productions with audiences.

o   Or full complete series from concept to film editing.

·        Adobe InDesign. Adobe Premiere. Film pre-production, rehearsals, film shoot, and post-production.

·        Film extra A-list film—A Camera (Director’s): “Alex Cross” (Rob Cohen) family funeral, “The Avengers” (Joss Whedon) NYC Day; plus, local and student film productions.

·        Former nationwide ad agency proofreader and editor.

MAIN PORTFOLIO LINKS (client projects, personal biz projects, websites of script excerpts, novel excerpts, stories, game links):, Portfolio:

LINKEDIN ( Game Writer Exchange (creator, manager).

FACEBOOK: Cleveland Extras: Film, Video, TV, Commercial (creator, manager); Production Assistants and Film Crews – Cleveland / NE OH USA (creator, manager).

Member: WGA-W Videogame Writers Caucus; ALLi Alliance of Independent Authors; Stage 32


dba NEALE SOURNA’S WRITING-NAKED.COM. 2006 – present. (portfolio links)

Self-employed, international clients’ projects with online writing services business. Registered at; formerly was with / (now

Owner, fiction and nonfiction: Game Writer / Game Narrative Writer, Story Writer, Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Screenwriter, Web Content, Marketing Copywriter for worldwide clients: writing, ghostwriting, rewriting, and editing—short stories, novels, synopses and screenplays (scripts), and game story narratives; rewrite editing and expansion of training scripts (sales, men’s health) and texts; online research and writing; SEO optimized web content and copywriting; contracts; and proposals. LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK. [Specific Portfolio URLs available / partial projects.]

·        Online Services to Clients in Russia, Poland, USA, Philippines / Singapore, Ukraine, Sweden, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, China, etc. Some of the projects:

o   Ktulhu Solutions / Sex and Glory Games / Lessons of Passions Games (Russia and Poland)

There’s more to “sex writing” than sex in order for it to truly connect with its audience; yes, there is the creative physical interactions, but there is also the so often unspoken mental levels (both conscious and un-), the romantic emotional, and sometimes the spiritual.

Plus, the various paths and endings from choices taken. And the unspoken pleasurable resolutions within a reader / gamer for a text well-written and well thought out; loving it, reviewing it well, or even giving the story a great mention, or an award!

§  Bloodlines of Shadows Springs (former working title - Twilight) (2021 – 2022): family vampire war game, original text and character dialog, and image design descriptions. Sample text. Eight-minute walk-through

·      Shadow Springs Extension (2021 – 2022)

·      4 Vampire Hunts (2021)

·      Adding Missing Texts and First Hunt (2021)

§  Romance in the Dark (2020 – 2022): cthulhu detective game text and character dialog from story outline and art images.

·      Penelope’s Story (2022)

·      Sara’s Story (2021)

·      Teresa’s Story (2020)

·      Miranda’s Story (2020)

·      Events (2020)

§  My Name is David (2019 – 2020), Wiki: game text and character dialog from story outline and art images. Sample text.

·      Extra Actions (2020)

·      Actions (2020)

·      Events (2019 – 2020)

§  Flirting with Yasmine (2019): game text and character dialog from story outline and art images.

§  Waiting for You (2019): dating sim game text and character dialog from story outline and art images.

§  Serbian Casino (2019): dating sim, revised game text and character dialog from story outline and art images.

§  Much Ado About Nothing Game (2017 – 2018): Game narrative, design selection and image design selections, additional possible levels / quests from character choices. All character dialog (modernized but still in character), and scenes (redone originals into creative new scenes). Yes, Shakespeare gets sexier!

§  “Metropolis: Lux Obscura” [Sin City Comic Project] on Steam (2015 – 2017):

Best storytelling @ White Nights Conference 2016

Excellence in audio @ DevGAMM Moscow 2016

·        (2017) Rewriting tweaks, reproofing

·        (2015 - 2016) story narrative from story outline, character stylized dialog, descriptive design of art images, and new title.

§  “The Locket”

·        (2017) Rewrite to new approach

·        (2016) Game narrative from basic outline, descriptive design of art images.

§  Arkham: The Dark Legacy, a Lovecraft Project (2015) initial game story and design elements adapted from author H.P. Lovecraft’s novels

§  Girl With Tattoos full game narrative and game design (2014)

·        “Tattoo Girl” test short game (2014)

§  Mysterious Island(2014): (zombie) full game narrative, some levels planning.


·        Yacht / Zombie Island Game (2013) test story and design

§  360 Demo hotel story “The Locket” (2013)

§  5 Theme Monologues (2013)

§  24 Profiles (2013): 200-word character stories, fantasy site seeds

§  7 Recipes (2012): rewrite

§  Adult Sleuth (2011): 7 Days Game story rewrite, additional story writing and editing; adult detective narrative

o   Proofed TALE (2018)

o   Stiletto, The Last Metahuman (2016): Novel outline and first full chapter of client’s original comic book story premise.

o   The Originals (2015): a client fan fiction three-chapter for possible Pocket Gems Episode Choose Your Own Adventure Game (CYOA). Research, outline, first draft.

o   Brandy the Bandit: Book Two (2014) for Dark Brain Comics (US): Story outline and first draft for nine (9) scripted episodes.

o   Ardor The Game (2014) for Human Curious (Netherlands): edited game design documents, game play materials and card texts

o   “The Brazil Story(2013): Client invited. Ghostwriting of 30 page multicultural / interracial romance story for Ophelia Madison Press (MD USA).

o   Orchid Games (Poland); YouTube Game Trailers.

§  (2013) Heartwild 1 and 2 Games story narrative update

§  (2013) Brainstorm HOPA game title—“Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy

o   “Hawaiian Hannah” [working name] (2013): game story test for Wooga Games, Berlin.

o   Dreamer Apps / IntroWizard LLC rewriting (character development, dramatic risks, humor) also expansion of client’s short stories into novels and new marketable title.

§  Ralph’s Gift (2013): original short story of 11,428 words into 47,904-word novella / novel

§  Demon Sex (2013): original short story of 9752 words into 57,572-word novel Demon Sex: The Tale of a Demon Sex Slave

o   “Love’s Bitter End” short story for Kink-E-magazine also at:

o   Dramatic Urban Film Treatment—African American women at BET, Johnson Publishing, and Sony Records

o   Vamperotica 1: “Alora in Dreams” for Readerotica / PriveCo Inc (2012)

o   Blogging Post (“Prairie Family…”) for Blog

o   Male Memoir Organization and Research “Stained Boy” work about male teen’s life through sexual exploitation by adult female

o   Nonfiction STEM Book Proposal “Black Prometheus” first draft nonfiction

o   SEO rewriting of Internet marketing landing pages

o   5 Erotica Short Stories, soft to hardcore sex variety

§  The Freelancer [soft core Romantic Erotica]

§  Rough-Me Dot Com [Romantic Erotica]

§  Tango with Me [harder core]

§  Dia's Coach (1) [hardcore, Lolita / teen]

§  Dia’s Team Bang (3) [hardcore, Lolita / teen]

o   Partial co-edit of fantasy novel, prepublication rush (main editor ill)

o   Canadian in China romance memoir—fictionalizing and organizing story base for nonfiction events and “characters,” character dialog

o   Website fiction content writer (2+ yrs) for 3 Australian websites (romance, honeymoon, sci-fi / fantasy)

§  Five and Dime Store at True romantic love stories of how couples meet their mates, fall in love and marry. ( formerly at (link defunct)

§ (link defunct / archived)

Read stories at

o   "Becca" (a short story novel, 6 of the chapters) A swashbuckling pirate story!
_Cornwall, England UK, 1680s

o   "Outback Love" [aka "Mail Order Love"] in three (3) act chapters
_Coober Pedy, South Australia, 1919

o   "Samurai Days" & "Samurai Nights"
_Kyoto, Japan, 1600s

§  Plus, five wedding night stories at (defunct)

Read stories at Wedding Night

o   "Frictionless Sheets" Intergalactic Deep Space sometime in the Future

o   "The Veil: 1846" Gretna Green, Scotland

o   "No Touching" USA, Today

o   "Empty Nest Honeymoon" Australia and Pradesh, India, Today

o   "Iraqi Honeymoon" Fallujah, Iraq, early 21st century

o   PC game research and writing of archeologist’s and family diary/journal story entries for mystery puzzle / hidden object search, by Inertia Software

§  “Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship” (2009): hidden object / puzzle game

1.        Game story segments and cutscenes writer

§  “The Secret of Margrave Manor” (2008): hidden object, puzzle

1.        Game story segments and cutscenes writer

o    Orchid Games (Poland) with Sandlot Games Game story segments writer, beta tester, promotion quiz writer, romance PC solitaire game,

§  Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two” (2010): also available on Google Play mobile

1.        Branched game story segments writer (characters, story, narrative design)

2.        Beta tester

§  Heartwild Solitaire: Author’s Edition” (2010): Level Name Titling

§  Heartwild Solitaire: Quiz” (2009): interactive quiz

§  Heartwild Solitaire: Author’s Edition” / “Heartwild Solitaire” [E for Everyone Edition] (2007, PC and Mac): also available on Google Play mobile

1.        Game story segments writer (characters, story)

2.        Beta tester

o    Special forces military action thriller novel(s), sample chapter(s), assignment test chapter, UK Army client

o    Screenplay rewriting editor (overhauled: dialog, visual descriptions, emotional levels and stakes)—for a Toronto scriptwriter, about Heaven and Hell spiritual power in the everyday

o    Research and game story writing of latest edition of historical RPG [“Berlin ‘61”] horror, spy, mystery game for PK Games, Germany

§  Berlin ’61: The Wall” (2007) [GORE RPG]

o    Translation of educational 17th Century Sir Francis Bacon philosophy text to contemporary American English for an American in London

o    Sales script writer for an American business sales training team


o    15 romance and sex fiction short shorts—California / Asian Indian site [now offline]

o    SEO article writer (love and relationships, opinion, semi-fiction) for Texas client’s net site

o    Horror Article for Constructing Horror (Sweden)

o    Horror Software Database Research and Compilation [Excel] for new scriptwriter’s source product, Constructing Horror (Sweden)

o    Dog and puppy training manual ebook rewrite for an Australian client.


Publishing Owner, fiction and nonfiction Author, Editor, and Design Layout; also Webmaster, Web Content / SEO Marketing Copywriter: internet websites in HTML; SEO research, optimization, and copywriting; graphics; online research; and professional wholesale publications and documents for retail publishing sale [printed books and ebooks (novels, short stories, nonfiction)].

·        Author Neale Sourna’s Books / Ebooks (full novels, novella, short stories, screenplays) written, edited, layout, published, and marketed by this award-winner through PIE: Perception Is Everything Publishing, available online at most major and minor electronic bookstores and for order at all local brick and mortar stores.

v and (more published or in-progress than listed here):

Love and romance should be creatively intimate on all levels; interpersonal, nonsexual touch, emotionally, and more—besides “sexual intimacy”. And to deepen each story; more of the unspoken mental, the romantic emotional, and oftentimes the spiritual add much to every story of individual characters.

Plus, never knock fairytales—the unbowdlerized kind—because real fairytales enlighten both our inner and outer lives through suffering and doubt, not the weak Disney kind. Fairytales teach us to survive, usually on our own, through our own newly grown or finally revealed feminine strengths where “male heroes” who went before failed.

Yeah, my favorite fairytales are the clever and long-suffering heroine kind, who resolves her own problems, whether fully alone or through her “negotiations” with another.

o    Becca DuMaurier Part of The Black Rogues Series. This historical romantic adventure novel is set during 1688’s Britain’s Glorious Revolution pirating period and 1660’s Restoration Period; publishing 2022

o    All Along the Watchtower: Submerged—10,000-word ebook originally excerpted for Amazon Shorts released by PIE: Percept. An ancient half Egyptian warrior’s rage may be his downfall when he breaks a sacred alliance.

o    STEVE’S MONKEY’S PAW & MORE—An envious man uses a wish device against his friend’s girl, for lust. Trade Paperback / Ebook. Author, Editor, Publisher.

o    HOBBLE—An Adult Novel. A Native American healer's life spirals out of control, as his compulsive affair with an injured African American woman threatens to cost more than his life.

·        Winner of’s Best Sensual Novel Award 2004. Trade Paperback and Ebook.

o    PLAYGIRL Magazine. Short Story Hesitation.” May 2002 Issue

o    Scripts/Screenplays “FRAMES” [placed as Award Finalist in nationwide New Century Script Contest] “QUANTUM LEAP,” “X-Files,” “PRIMAL” (sci-fi / erotic horror), “Toy Guns ... And Truth” (juvenile / youth kid detective thriller), and more….

Product sales branding and packaging, company web content development—text, graphics, photos, e-marketing, e-commerce, press release writing / placement, internet / web radio interviews and promotional character voice recordings [MP3, WAV,], develop / coordinate artist merchandise [books, ebooks, brochures, posters, post cards, caps, more], blogs, etc.

·        Interviewer and Adviser for Creative Screenwriting Newsletter before it was Creative Screenwriting Journal


CUYAHOGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Cleveland OH. Studies in Digital Game Design; Digital Filmmaking and Film Editing; Music Theory, Harmony and Performance. Also live theater Stage Manager.

American university. Washington DC. Master of Arts Studies. Screenwriting, Analysis, and Criticism.

LAKE ERIE COLLEGE. Painesville OH. Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Music Theory and Performance; Theater Production, Arts Administration, and Theater Stage Management; Dance; Photography; Painting).

§  MOUNT VERNON COLLEGE. Washington DC. Summer Term studies and internship in Arts Administration at National Endowment for the Arts, Opera-Music Theater Program. Funding Intern.

§  VIENNA HOCHSCHULKURSE. Vienna, Austria. Academic Term Abroad. German Language and Cultural Studies.